How To Keep Your Garden Organised

There is no doubt that an organised greenhouse or garden shed is a thing of beauty!...but it’s not just for appearance sake that getting organised is important – it allows you to work more efficiently, garden more productively and maintain your tools and equipment to get the best from them for longer. 

But as we all know, it’s sometimes easier said than done. Even the most untidy and disorganised greenhouse can be transformed into a functional, practical and organised space, with a little bit of imagination and planning.

With a bit of careful thought, planning and good storage solutions, you can get all your key equipment and materials properly organised and arranged in your greenhouse.

Create Zones: Planting Area, Tool Storage Area, Worktop Area

Try creating some ‘zones’ in your greenhouse or shed – it might help to sketch this out on paper – thinking about the main areas you’d like to have – a planting area, a tool storage area, a worktop area for potting or taking cuttings, and somewhere for storing seeds, fertilisers and small equipment.

Keep Watering & Feeding Equipment By The Door

Think about which would work best in which areas – it makes sense to keep the watering and feeding equipment near the door, for example, so that you can take a watering can out easily in order to fill it from an outside tap.

tools storage

Utilise Walls, Floors & Shelf Spaces

You may only have space for a few areas, but by utilising wall, floor and shelf spaces it is surprising how much room you can find – a two tier storage rack is a great asset in even the smallest space!