10 Ideas for Small Garden Spaces

Elegance Obelisk

However small your garden is it’s still possible to create a gorgeous outdoor space you'll want to spend lots of time in, even if it's really tiny. Find below a few tips will help you make the most of a smaller plot.

1. Think About Making the Most Of Colour

In a large garden colourful accents can get lost but with a small garden you can really make the most of colour, be it manmade using coloured structures and features or natural in the form of dramatic planting.

The soft colour palette of the Obelisk and Plant Stakes ranges are a great way to add a layer of support to your borders without dominating your planting and they can br bring a decorative touch even in the depth of winter.

2. Create a Feature Outdoor Seating Area

Clever use of structures can create a secluded seating area, even in the smallest garden, which doubles as a floral feature when planted with fragrant roses or honeysuckle to fill your garden with scent.

Garden arbours are perfectly designed for smaller gardens – big enough to accommodate a bench but still sit neatly in a corner or courtyard.

Round Bowers

3. Divide Your Garden Into Zones

Zoning is a trick used for breaking up spaces in to areas with distinctly different uses and feels - use different textures, colours or materials to differentiate between the areas.

Screens can be used in the smallest areas to disguise an unsightly shed or fence but also divide the space and add vertical interest and the opportunity to add climbers to your planting scheme.

4. Use Planters in Multiple Sizes to Add Interest

Container gardening is one of the best small garden ideas, especially if your garden has a patio or even just on a balcony. You can go for as many different shapes and heights as possible - this will help add dimension and texture to the space.

Mix and match different styles of Zinc Planters with a mixture of colourful annuals and more formal structured plants such as Box or Bay for year round impact on a terrace.

Vintage Zinc Planters

5. Make Space To Grow Your Own

Even if it’s just a pot of herbs it is always worth making some space to enjoy your own fresh produce.

The decorative Elegance Kitchen Garden Range works well in the smallest of spaces and the Vigoroot Range of pots and planters guarantee a bigger crop – the Balcony Garden makes the most of vertical growing giving you plenty of scope for a surprisingly large range of salads and vegetables.

6. Create A Green Wall

Making use of walls and fences in your garden to grow on is the ideal way to add height, maximise space and create a ‘green wall’ of interest which can change with the seasons.

Choose a wall Trellis which is attractive as well as functional such as the Georgian Window Trellis and choose your planting carefully to avoid over vigorous climbers that may end up encroaching on your space – A delicate clematis or annual such as sweet peas would work beautifully on a sunny fence or wall – you could even try Borlotti Beans for an ornamental and tasty display!

garden trellis

7. An Outdoor Fireplace to Use All Year

Outdoor fire-pits are actually even better suited to smaller gardens than larger ones, for the simple reason you will really feel the warmth and atmosphere in a smaller space.

The Rustic Weave Basket can be used as a fire pit as well as a planter – perfect for summer parties and winter celebrations

8. Make An Entrance

A Garden Arch might seem like something only suitable for grand and spacious gardens but used at the entrance to the garden or even over a doorway and arch adds scale and makes a real statement.

Either left bare as an architectural feature or swathed in climbers for a softer look with colour all year round.

rose walkway

9. Define Your Lawn

Even if it’s small, keep your lawn or paved area perfectly formed by mowing or sweeping regularly.

Define the edges of your planted borders or paths with Border Edging for a crisp finish or if you prefer a softer look Border Hoops will keep plants such as Lavender or Alchemilla Mollis in check whilst still allowing the glorious froth of colour.

10. Choose Delicate Plants 

A smaller garden can be a wonderful place to enjoy close up the delicate plants that would be lost in a bigger space and the scent that would not be so intense as that in a more enclosed setting.

With less time spent needed for tending to the garden leaves more to enjoy – and plan for next year!

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