Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products supplied ready assembled?

The majority of our products are self-assembly unless stated otherwise. All of our products have been designed to be as easy to assemble as possible. If you require further assistance please call our aftercare team 0117 934 1790.

Is the height shown the final height of the structure?

Yes, all heights shown are the final heights of the structures, however our Traditional Range of structures will arrive 30cm larger than the heights stated to allow for insertion into the ground. Our Somerset and Elegance Ranges do not have any additional length and are to be inserted 15cm into the ground. If you require patio feet and would like to keep the height as shown please let us know and we will alter the structure before sending it out to you.

What is the difference between Classic, Classic Extra and Landscape?

We have 3 ranges, that reflect the size and diameter of the steel tubing used. As the width gets larger the tubing must be thicker to accommodate it and support the planting. We do offer the same widths but in different ranges so as to fully support even the heaviest of climbers.

  • Classic Range – Moulded Joints, 19mm (3/4”) Uprights and 16mm (5/8”) Horizontals
  • Classic Extra Range - Moulded Joints, 25mm (1”) Uprights and 22mm (7/8”) Horizontals
  • Landscape Range – Steel Joints, 25mm (1”) Uprights and Horizontals
What if I require a different size structure or fruit cage than is shown on the site?

As we are a manufacturer, we offer a bespoke service for all of our garden structures, see here for details. We also offer a made to measure service for our fruit cages based on your specific requirements. If you are unsure what you need then please don’t hesitate to contact us by email [email protected] or call us on 0117 934 1790.

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