Fruit Cages

Fruit Cages

We have been manufacturing high quality, hand made fruit cages for over 40 years...

Our Fruit Cages uses only top quality steel and are galvanised inside as well as outside the tube to stop rust. All of our Fruit Cages have been tested 100% for protection in gardens such as Wisely, Rosemoor and Ryton.

The Agriframes Fruit Cage is supplied with metal joints, complete with moisture seals to keep rain and dew at bay. We have learnt that, whereas many other fruit cages come with screw together joints and poles, which can wear away any galvanised finish, it makes the structure a weak spot for corrosion. Our Easy-to-Install modular design allows you to configure and extend your cage with ease.

We offer a range of different models, from superior black polymer coated through to galvanised and even the entry-level economy cage. All standard orders are normally delivered within 3 to 5 working days, providing that your Fruit Cage is in stock. For a more accurate timing or for the timing of deliveries for bespoke products, please visit our Delivery Service.

Here at Agriframes, we are determined to offer the best service possible to you, which is why we are proud to offer our Installation Service. Our team of experts will come along and install your product safely and correctly to make sure that your Fruit Cage will last for years to come.