Crop Cages

Discover our easy-to-assemble crop cages, a lightweight and practical solution to protecting your crops from garden pests. From the beautiful Elegance Crop Cage to our DIY and Mini Crop Cages, we have a variety to suit every garden.

Crop Cages

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  1. PRODUCTS/FRUIT CAGES/88884-TBK-mini-crop-cage
    Mini Crop Cage
  2. long-fruit-cage-
    Long Fruit Cage
  3. DIY Crop Cage
    DIY Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.25

  4. Elegance Crop Cage in a garden setting with plants
    Elegance Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.95

  5. Rabbit Fence with door in a green space
    Rabbit Fence

    Starting at £20.00

  6. Strawberry & Veg Cage Main
    Strawberry & Vegetable Cage

    Starting at £95.00

    Out of stock

6 Items

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