Economy Fruit Cages

These cost effective kit options are made from the usual high quality Agriframes steel. Thousands of gardeners take their first step towards serious fruit crops with this professional but affordable fruit cage. Engineered in galvanised steel tubing it will resist rust and help you get bumper crops season after season.

Economy Fruit Cages

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  1. Agriframes Starter Fruit Cage
    Starter Fruit Cage
  2. DIY Crop Cage Main
    DIY Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.00

  3. Strawberry & Veg Cage Main
    Strawberry & Vegetable Cage

    Starting at £95.00

  4. Domed Roof Fruit Cage Main
    Domed Roof Fruit Cage
  5. Long Domed Fruit Cage Main
    Long Domed Fruit Cage
  6. Galvanised Fruit Cage Main
    Galvanised Fruit Cage
    From only £238.00

6 Items

per page
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