Elegance Crop Cages

An attractive, practical alternative, the Elegance Fruit Cages and Accessories can help create a vegetable garden of beauty worthy of showing to your visitors.

Elegance Crop Cages

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  1. Elegance Crop Cage Main
    Elegance Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.50

  2. Elegance Pea and Bean Hoop Main
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops

    Starting at £26.00

  3. Elegance Hooped Cloche Main
    Elegance Hooped Cloche
    From only £10.00
  4. Elegance Pot Holder
    Elegance Pot Holder
    From only £8.00
  5. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £94.00
  6. Elegance Pea and Pest Fence Main
    Elegance Pea & Pest Fence
    From only £36.00
  7. Elegance Round Plant Supports Main
    Elegance Round Plant Support
    From only £39.00
  8. Elegance Bell Cloche Main
    Elegance Bell Cloche
    From only £49.00

8 Items

per page
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