Garden Sundries

Agriframes offers a range of useful garden sundries and handy packs essential for every day gardening. We have a wide selection of garden equipment that will help bring out the best from your garden.

Garden Sundries

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  1. flower cane toppers
    Flower Cane Caps
  2. folding saw bench man using
    Folding Saw Bench
  3. Strim Guard (Pack of 3) Main
    Strim Guard (Pack of 3)
  4. Flexi-Mesh Treeguard Main
    Flexi-Mesh Treeguard
  5. Extenders/Twist Clips Main
    Extenders/Twist Clips
  6. Snip-Its
    Snip-IT Deluxe
    From only £3.99 From only £1.67
  7. Copper T Labels Main
    Copper T Labels
  8. eco jute twist ties
    Eco Jute Twist Ties
  9. Retractable Knife Whole
    Retractable Knife
  10. Bosneeleze Kneeler Purple
    Bosneeleze Kneeler
    From only £15.99
  11. BosNeeleze Knee Pad Main
    BosNeeleze Knee Pad
    From only £15.99
  12. Harvesting Apron Main
    Harvesting Apron
  13. Soil Testing Kit
    Soil Testing Kit
  14. Climbing Wire Main
    Climbing Wire
  15. Tomato (Climbing) Patio Planter Wall
    Tomato (Climbing) Patio Planter
  16. Bamboo Lawn Rake
    Bamboo Lawn Rake
  17. Long Handled Leaf Grab Main
    Long Handled Leaf Grab
  18. Hand Leaf Grabs
    Hand Leaf Grabs

Items 1-18 of 65

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