Garden Tidy

Clearing autumn leaves or keeping weeds under control to stamp out any unwanted regrowth are important to keep a garden neat and tidy all year round. We have a range of bags, kneelers, rakes and weeders to help do the job.

Garden Tidy

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  1. Garden Bag Main
    Garden Bag
  2. BosBag Main
  3. BosSkip Main
  4. BosPopUp Bag Main
    BosPopUp Bag
    From only £14.99
  5. Recycling Bags Main
    Recycling Bags (Pack of 3)
  6. Tip Bags Brown Leaves
    Tip Bags
    From only £10.49
  7. vegtable sack
    Vegetable Sack
  8. Composting Sack
    Composting Sacks - 3 Pack
  9. Landscaper Bags Main
    Landscaper Bags
    From only £29.99
  10. Heavy Duty Tip Sheet
    Heavy Duty Tip Sheet
  11. Galvanised Dust Bin
    Galvanised Dust Bin
  12. Log Ends Matt Black Wall
    Log Ends
  13. Extra Long Tool Rack Main
    Extra Long Tool Rack
    From only £18.00
  14. Elegance 2 Tier Tool Rack Main
    Elegance Storage Rack
    From only £45.00
  15. Car Boot Liner Main
    Car Boot Liner
  16. Muddy Wellington Boot Bag
    Muddy Boot Bag
  17. Bin Bag Loader Main
    Bin Bag Loader
  18. Greenhouse Rack Attached to greenhouse interior holding garden equipment
    Greenhouse Rack

Items 1-18 of 20

per page
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