Netting & Fabrics

Netting and fabrics for every gardener's needs from plant protection and support to landscaping fabrics. Products are sold in set sizes or by the linear meter should it be required. Products include; Ground Cover, Fleece, Insect Netting, Fruit Cage Netting, Heron Mesh, Plastic Mesh, Wire Net, Welded Mesh, Rokolene, Pea and Bean Net, Jute Netting, Mulch and Weedmat and Poly Cover.

Netting & Fabrics

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  1. Fruit Cage Side Net with green space background
    Fruit Cage Side Net

    Starting at £7.00

  2. Agriframes Fruit Cage Roof Net with Leaves
    Fruit Cage Roof Net

    Starting at £9.00

  3. Clear Poly Cover
    Clear Poly Cover
  4. Butterfly Netting protecting crops from a butterfly
    Butterfly Netting

    Starting at £2.00

  5. Jute Netting
    Jute Netting
    From only £3.00
  6. Biodegradable Jute Twine - Brown
    Biodegradable Jute Twine - Brown
    From only £1.55
  7. media/catalog/product/b/i/biodegradable-jute-twine-green-tied
    Biodegradable Jute Twine - Green
    From only £1.69
  8. Fleece Protection
    Fleece Protection

    Starting at £1.00

  9. Mulch & Weed Mat Main
    Mulch & Weed Mat

    Starting at £1.00

  10. Ground Cover Main
    Ground Cover

    Starting at £2.00

  11. Green Plastic Mesh
    Green Plastic Mesh
    From only £10.00
  12. Brown Plastic Mesh
    Brown Plastic Mesh
    From only £10.00
  13. Agriframes Fruit & Pond Netting design close up with apples
    Fruit & Pond Netting

    Starting at £8.00

  14. Galvanised Wire Net
    Galvanised Wire Net
    From only £13.99
  15. Agriframes Insect Netting covering crops
    Insect Netting
    From only £10.00
  16. Galvanised Mesh
    Galvanised Mesh
    From only £21.00
  17. Agriframes Pea & Bean Netting being used
    Pea & Bean Netting
    From only £1.00

Items 1-18 of 23

per page
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