Pest Control

A variety of pest control products to keep slugs, wasps and flies at bay, in addition to protective bird and insect netting.

Pest Control

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  1. Elegance Pea and Pest Fence Lavender
    Elegance Pea & Pest Fence
    From only £39.95
  2. Agriframes Bird Netting with blue sky background
    Bird Netting

    Starting at £8.00

  3. media/catalog/product/n/e/net_insect
    Insect Netting
    From only £10.00
  4. Birdscare Main
  5. Rabbit Fence with door in a green space
    Rabbit Fence

    Starting at £20.00

  6. Slug & Snail Catcher (Pack of 3) Main
    Slug & Snail Catcher (Pack of 3)
  7. cooper snail and slug tape
    Copper Slug And Snail Tape

7 Items

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