Weeding Tools

Tackling weeds is a never ending job, why not invest in some tools and equipment to help make the task a little easier. Try our Speed Hoe, kneelers or even weed matt.

Weeding Tools

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  1. SpeedHoe Main
  2. SpeedHoe Precision Main
    SpeedHoe Precision
  3. SpeedWeed Main
  4. Bosneeleze Kneeler Purple
    Bosneeleze Kneeler
    From only £15.99
  5. Kneeler Stool Main
    Kneeler Stool
  6. Strim Guard (Pack of 3) Main
    Strim Guard (Pack of 3)
  7. Fence Guard
    Fence Guard
  8. Flexi-Mesh Treeguard Main
    Flexi-Mesh Treeguard
  9. Mulch & Weed Mat Main
    Mulch & Weed Mat

    Starting at £1.00


9 Items

per page
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