A Garden Arch is an easy way to create structure in your garden whilst also dividing one area from another and providing support for climbing plants.

Whether you are creating a cottage garden rose arch or a contemporary formal walkway, Agriframes have a range of styles, colours and finishes to help you create a stunning garden feature.


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  1. Round Arch frame in a garden with flowers
    Round Arch
    From only £152.00
  2. A Gothic Arch in a garden setting
    Gothic Arch
    From only £195.00
  3. Monet Garden Arch with a river in the background
    Monet Arch
    From only £155.00
  4. Vine Garden Arch frame with bushes and a fence in the background
    Vine Arch
  5. Two garden Wall Arch frames over a garden patio with growing plants
    Wall Arch
    From only £122.00
  6. Elegance Round Garden Arch Gate
    Elegance Round Arch
    From only £220.25
  7. Elegance Gothic Arch in a garden setting with bushes and path in the background
    Elegance Gothic Arch
  8. The Elegance Door Garden Arch surrounded by bushes in a natural outdoor setting
    Elegance Door Arch
  9. Elegance King Arch frame outdoors with a wall brick wall behind
    Elegance King Arch
  10. Agriframes Fruit Tree Garden Arch- free standing
    Fruit Tree Arch
    From only £207.00
  11. Column Garden Arch in a garden setting
    Column Arch
    From only £281.00
  12. Side angle shot of the Elegance Fine Garden Arch in a natural woodland setting
    Elegance Fine Arch

12 Items

per page
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