Elegance Range

Our Elegance garden structures range takes its styling from traditional garden structures of 19th Century England. This stunning collection will bring style, structure and a touch of elegance to your garden.

The delicate wirework designs are made from solid steel and are capable of supporting the heaviest climbing plants or crops. The intricate and subtle styles of garden structure lend themselves perfectly to traditional kitchen and cottage gardens.




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  1. Elegance Pea Frame - Set of 3
    Elegance Pea Frame
  2. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-square-screen-main
    Elegance Screens - Square Curved
    From only £88.00
  3. Elegance Runner Bean Frame Raised Beds
    Elegance Runner Bean Frame
    From only £129.00
  4. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £105.00
  5. Elegance Hanging Basket Rustic Window
    Elegance Hanging Basket
  6. Elegance Hose Reel
    Elegance Hose Reel
    From only £25.99

Items 37-42 of 42

per page
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