A garden arch can create structure across all areas of garden design while ensuring support for climbing plants is mantained throughout.

Whether you want the focal point of your garden to be a contemporary formal walkway or a beautiful rose arch over a path, Agriframes has a range of metal garden arches in various elegant styles, colours and finishes to build the garden of your dreams.


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  1. Round Arch frame in a garden with flowers
    Round Arch
    From only £152.00
  2. Long shot of several Monet Garden Arches over a garden path with climbing plants on them
    Monet Arch
    From only £155.00
  3. A Gothic Arch in a garden setting
    Gothic Arch
    From only £178.00
  4. Two garden Wall Arch frames over a garden patio with growing plants
    Wall Arch
    From only £137.00
  5. Column Garden Arch in a garden setting
    Column Arch
    From only £281.00
  6. Fruit Tree Arch
    Fruit Tree Arch
  7. Vine Garden Arch frame with bushes and a fence in the background
    Vine Arch
  8. Elegance Round Garden Arch Gate
    Elegance Round Arch
    From only £327.00
  9. Elegance Gothic Arch in a garden setting with bushes and path in the background
    Elegance Gothic Arch
  10. The Elegance Door Garden Arch surrounded by bushes in a natural outdoor setting
    Elegance Door Arch
  11. Elegance King Arch frame outdoors with a wall brick wall behind
    Elegance King Arch
  12. Side angle shot of the Elegance Fine Garden Arch in a natural woodland setting
    Elegance Fine Arch
  13. Classic Colonnade Arch
    Classic Colonnade Arch
    From only £375.00

13 Items

per page
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