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Garden Pergolas

Garden Pergolas

Discover our range of Garden Pergolas that have been made by experts to last a long time...

Choose from a wide range of Garden Pergola styles, whether it be the Classical Round Pergola, the Victorian Gothic Pergola, the Elliptical Monet Pergola or the Longitudinal Hertfordshire Pergola.

Each one of our Garden Pergolas have been designed and created with the Agriframes customer in mind. We hope to help you create an inviting, picturesque walkway through your English country garden. The scenic beauty your Agriframes garden pergola creates will be the envy of all your friends and family as they walk through your garden.

Why not also visit our Garden Structure Accessories section to get the best out of your garden structure. Agriframes also offer a fantastic Installation Service where our team of installers will help you put up your garden pergolas exactly where you want them in your garden. As with all of our garden structure products, all of our black polymer coated garden Pergolas come with a 15-year guarantee as standard.