Agriframes garden obelisks come in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit any setting and are the quickest way to add height and structure to your garden.

Purposefully placed metal garden obelisks make a statement in the garden and provide plant support to climbing plants, creating a focal point of visual interest all year round.

Garden obelisks in our Traditional Collection come with a 10-year guarantee and are made from durable galvanised steel to ensure long-lasting quality.


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  1. Three Classic Garden obelisks in a row inside a garden setting
    Classic Obelisk
    From only £122.00
  2. The Elegance Garden Obelisk in a garden setting with flowers
    Elegance Obelisk
    From only £39.00
  3. PRODUCTS/81283-SGN-elegance-obelisk-set
    Elegance Obelisk - Set of 3 - Small/Medium/Large
    From only £89.00
  4. Elegance Queen Garden Obelisk in a garden
    Elegance Queen Obelisk
    From only £99.00
  5. An Elegance King Garden Obelisk next to a fountain
    Elegance King Obelisk
    From only £115.00
  6. elegance tall obelisk
    Elegance Tall Obelisk
  7. metal frame obelisk with sweet peas growing up it
    Tricorn Obelisk
  8. PRODUCTS/STRUCTURES/73320-tbk-rose-shrub-obelisk
    Rose Shrub Obelisk
  9. Elegance Rose Umbrella Obelisks
    Elegance Rose Umbrella
    From only £220.00
  10. heather in a metal basket obelisk
    Basket Obelisk
  11. media/catalog/product/s/a/salisbury-obelisk-bird-bath
    Salisbury Obelisk
  12. Elegance Inverted Garden Obelisk next to a White House
    Elegance Inverted Obelisk
    From only £73.00
  13. Half Obelisk growing plants
    Half Obelisk
  14. PRODUCTS/PLANT SUPPORTS/81276-SGN-elegance-drainpipe-cover
    Elegance Drainpipe Cover
    From only £45.00

14 Items

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