Round Collection

Our stylish round garden structures create a classic look in any garden setting - beautifully shaped, eye-catching and extremely versatile. Browse our complete range of stunning, traditional Round garden structures here.

Round Collection

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  1. Elegance Round Garden Arch Gate
    Elegance Round Arch
    From only £327.00
  2. Round Bower on a patio in a garden setting
    Round Bower
    From only £399.00
  3. Matt Black Round Garden Gazebo in a garden setting with a greenhouse
    Round Gazebo
    From only £395.00
  4. The Round Garden Pergola in a garden setting
    Round Pergola
    From only £306.00
  5. Round Portico in front of the doorway of a house
    Round Portico
  6. Round Screen - 4ft Main
    Round Screen
    From only £94.00
  7. garden border edging round back iron
    Round Border Edging
  8. Round Arch frame in a garden with flowers
    Round Arch
    From only £152.00
  9. media/catalog/product/b/o/border-edging-round-matt-flower-bed_1_1
    Round Border Edging - Gloss Black

9 Items

per page
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