Cloches & Tunnels

Agriframes supply Garden Cloches to suit all of your growing needs.

From easy to use tunnels to bell cloches our range offers winter and summer protection from pests and weather.


Cloches & Tunnels

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  1. Easy Poly Tunnel
    Easy Poly Tunnel
    From only £18.50
  2. Easy Fleece Tunnel
    Easy Fleece Tunnel
    From only £18.50
  3. Easy Net Tunnel
    Easy Net Tunnel
    From only £18.00
  4. Easy Micromesh Tunnel
    Easy Micromesh Tunnel
    From only £18.50
  5. Victorian Bell Cloche - King (Pack of 2) Main
    Victorian Bell Cloche - King
  6. Victorian Bell Cloche - Baby (Pack of 3) Main
    Victorian Bell Cloche - Baby
  7. Easy Fleece Lantern Cloche Main
    Easy Fleece Lantern Cloche
    From only £11.99
  8. Easy Fleece Jackets Plant
    Easy Fleece Jackets
    From only £7.99
  9. Elegance Hooped Cloche Main
    Elegance Hooped Cloche
    From only £11.00
  10. Seedling Tunnel
    Easy Seedling Tunnel
  11. Small Victorian Glass Bell Jar Single
    Small Victorian Glass Bell Jar
  12. Tomato Tube Main
    Tomato Tube
  13. Elegance Bell Cloche Main
    Elegance Bell Cloche
    From only £49.00
  14. Crop Tunnel Large
    Crop Tunnels
    From only £25.00

18 Items

per page
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