Elegance Kitchen Garden

Elegance Kitchen Garden

The Elegance wirework range adds a touch of beauty to your kitchen garden and...

using the best of new technologies, is practical as well. The Kitchen Garden range is the sophisticated way to protect your crops this season and is perfect for creating an inspired space.

Our range consists of:

Elegance Crop Cage – a versatile crop cage that can be extended from a single quadrant into multiple configurations to suit any garden with each corner having a beautiful soli steel spiralling finial.

Elegance Runner Bean Frames – designed with solid steel arches and cross struts to support even the heaviest crop and is suitable for a small kitchen garden upwards. The crest of each arch features a beautiful elegance steel finial.

Pea and Bean Hoops – Pretty and practical pea and bean hoops with each supporting arch being topped with a solid steel spiralling finial.

Pea Frame – The Downton Abbey of garden frames and certainly a cut above a garden cane. Solid steel poles arches with a playful gothic arched top will support your plants in aristocratic style.  This range of Elegance Kitchen Garden wirework is constructed from solid galvanised steel poles, painted with a rust resistant protective coating in an elegant sage green colour.