Pest & Frost Protection

We are leading manufacturers of a large range of netting and fleeces.

Protecting your crops from harsh weathers to uninvited pests.

Pest & Frost Protection

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  1. Easy Fleece Jackets Plant
    Easy Fleece Jackets
    From only £7.99
  2. Fleece Protection
    Fleece Protection

    Starting at £1.00

  3. Easy Fleece Tunnel
    Easy Fleece Tunnel
    From only £18.50
  4. Elegance Pea and Pest Fence Main
    Elegance Pea & Pest Fence
    From only £39.95
  5. Tomato Tube Main
    Tomato Tube
  6. Easy Fleece Lantern Cloche Main
    Easy Fleece Lantern Cloche
    From only £11.99
  7. Victorian Bell Cloche - King (Pack of 2) Main
    Victorian Bell Cloche - King
  8. Victorian Bell Cloche - Baby (Pack of 3) Main
    Victorian Bell Cloche - Baby

10 Items

per page
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