Vegetable Growing

We offer a comprehensive range of vegetable growing Planters, Supports and Frames and Propagators.

Solutions for all year round protection from pests and weather, make growing your own produce simpler and easier.

Vegetable Growing

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  1. Elegance Crop Cage Main
    Elegance Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.50

  2. Raised Bed Frame Main Image
    Raised Bed

    Starting at £15.99

  3. Vigoroot Pots & Planters Main
    Vigoroot™ Pots & Planters

    Starting at £5.65

  4. Pea & Bean Hoops Main
    Pea & Bean Hoops

    Starting at £29.99

  5. Somerset Pea and Bean Hoops Main
    Somerset Pea & Bean Hoops
    From only £57.00
  6. Grower Frame Main
    Grower Frame Combo

    From £30.99

    To £95.97

  7. Grower Frame Main
    Grower Frame
  8. Elegance Runner Bean Frame Raised Beds
    Elegance Runner Bean Frame
    From only £134.00
  9. Vigoroot Balcony Garden
    Vigoroot™ Balcony Garden
  10. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £94.00
  11. Elegance Pea Frame - Set of 3
    Elegance Pea Frame
  12. Pea & Bean Patio Planter Main
    Pea & Bean Patio Planter
  13. Tomato Patio Planter Main
    Tomato Patio Planters (Pack of 2)
  14. My First Vegetabke Patio Planter Three
    My 1st Vegetable Garden/Sandpit
  15. Instant Raised Bed Patio Planters Main
    Instant Raised Bed Patio Planter
  16. Carrot Patio Planter (Pack of 2) Main
    Carrot Patio Planter (Pack of 2)
  17. Tomato (Climbing) Patio Planter Wall
    Tomato (Climbing) Patio Planter

Items 1-18 of 26

per page
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