Impact On A Budget

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Impact On A Budget

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  1. The Elegance Garden Obelisk in a garden setting with flowers
    Elegance Obelisk
    From only £39.00
  2. Round Arch frame in a garden with flowers
    Round Arch
    From only £152.00
  3. Single Plant Stake
    Single Plant Stake
    From only £7.95
  4. Elegance Crop Cage in a garden setting with plants
    Elegance Crop Cage

    Starting at £3.95

  5. Border Hoops Mint
    Border Hoops (Pack of 6)
    From only £28.00
  6. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84950-SGN-elegance-Bell-cloche
    Elegance Bell Cloche
    From only £54.00
  7. Elegance Lawn Edging Main
    Elegance Lawn Edging
    From only £21.00
  8. square trellis pack of 2 matt black
    Square Trellis

8 Items

per page
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