Garden Plant Supports

Agriframes are pleased to offer Frames and Supports for every type of plant. Runner bean towers and grow through frames and ever popular and there are functional cold frames and grow bag supports. Whether you are looking to prop up a listing herbaceous border plant or trailing marrow, we are sure you will find something here.

Garden Plant Supports

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  1. Elegance Plant Stake Main
    Elegance Plant Stake
    From only £8.00
  2. Single Plant Stake
    Single Plant Stake
    From only £7.95
  3. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84940-RSC-elegance-pean-_-bean-hoops-with-round-finial
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops With Round Finial
    From only £64.00
  4. Elegance Runner Bean Frame Raised Beds
    Elegance Runner Bean Frame
    From only £129.00
  5. Elegance Hooped Cloche Main
    Elegance Hooped Cloche
    From only £11.00
  6. Elegance Pea and Bean Hoop Main
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops

    Starting at £29.00

  7. Elegance Plant Supports Rustic Blue
    Elegance Plant Supports
    From only £7.50
  8. Elegance Pea Frame - Set of 3
    Elegance Pea Frame
  9. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £105.00
  10. Elegance Pea and Pest Fence Lavender
    Elegance Pea & Pest Fence
    From only £39.95
  11. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84950-SGN-elegance-Bell-cloche
    Elegance Bell Cloche
    From only £54.00
  12. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84900-TBK-runner-bean-frame
    Runner Bean Frame

    Starting at £66.00

  13. Runner Bean Tower - Matt Black Main
    Runner Bean Tower
  14. Border Hoops Mint
    Border Hoops (Pack of 6)
    From only £28.00
  15. Telescopic Raspberry Support Main
    Telescopic Raspberry Support
  16. media/wysiwyg/raspberry-support-2
    Raspberry Support
  17. Cane Growbag Frame
    Cane Growbag Frame
  18. Fruit Branch Support - Matt Black
    Fruit Branch Support

Items 1-18 of 36

per page
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