Growhouses & Cold Frames

Agriframes Grow Houses and Cold Frames offer the best protection and also offers a great way to nurture your plants, fruits and vegetables. All of our products are made with exquisite care to make sure that they will last a long time. Our wide range of Garden Grow Houses and Cold Frames are available in different sizes to suit all types of gardens, from the small Kitchen garden to the larger home gardens.

Growhouses & Cold Frames

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  1. New Cold Frame Front
    New Cold Frame
  2. classic cold plant frame
    Classic Cold Frame
  3. Half size cold Frame
    Half Size Cold Frame
  4. Grower Frame Main
    Grower Frame
  5. Grower Frame Micromesh Cover
    Grower Frame Micromesh Cover
  6. Classic Double Cold Frame Front
    Classic Double Cold Frame
  7. Grower Frame Poly Cover
    Grower Frame Poly Cover
  8. Sunbubble Large Main
    From only £222.00
  9. Delux Cold Frame
    Deluxe Cold Frame
    Out of stock

9 Items

per page
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