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  • Gardening Tips: August 2018

    August sees the weather soar, with a tendency to be the hottest month of the year – this year the heat has come early and although many gardens are struggling to look their best if you’ve managed to keep up the watering, crops should be growing faster than ever before.
  • Get Organised

    There is no doubt that an organised greenhouse or garden shed is a thing of beauty!...but it’s not just for appearance sake that getting organised is important – it allows you to work more efficiently, garden more productively and maintain your tools and equipment to get the best from them for longer.
  • Protect your Precious Crop

    Many people assume that you need a huge garden or allotment to make growing soft fruit worthwhile, but with modern high yield varieties and many small scale solutions for protecting your crop, there is room for a few of your favourites in even the smallest space.
  • How Do I Add Height to My Garden?

    Adding height to your garden can be achieved in many ways and offers more than a solution to the problem of limited space. It also provides an excellent opportunity to create individuality and draw the eye to features or individual plants, which in turn can be enjoyed looking their best with their heads above the crowd.
  • Easter means Potatoes at Agriframes

    Tradition dictates that we get our first potato crop planted on Good Friday at Agriframes - this year we are making real efforts to reduce plastic and single use products in the garden with Vigoroot potato planters.
  • Ready for Action

    After a few false starts, Spring is definitely underway in the Agriframes garden – the birds are singing a different tune, daffodils are in full flower and buds are appearing all around. With the clocks changing, there will be more time to enjoy sowing, planting and, before too long, harvesting.
  • An Essential Guide to Pruning this January

    When to prune, what to prune, where to prune – it can feel like a bit of a minefield at first, but once you have mastered a few basics then it’s one of the best ways to get the most out of you plants.
  • Sowing Sweet Peas

    Sweet Peas are a garden classic producing beautiful blooms with a gorgeous scent throughout the summer. You can train them onto an Obelisk or plant support to create a really impressive column of fragrant, summer colour, and they make excellent cut flowers – in fact the more you cut, the more they flower!
  • Winter Warming Harvest

    If like us you’ve enjoyed a bumper crop of chillies this year, then now is the time to dry and store them before there is a risk of damage from cold weather. If you’ve never grown chillies then it’s well worth considering adding them to your list for next season – Vigoroot planters are ideal to encourage healthy compact plants and a Sunbubble would be a great alternative to a greenhouse if you need a little extra growing space under cover.
  • Growing Soft Fruits in Small Spaces this Summer

    There are few more luxurious or cost saving crops to grow than soft fruit - eaten straight after picking, or even straight from the bush, there is a texture and freshness you simply don’t find in shop bought fruit.

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