The British Clematis Society

Agriframes' Tricorn Garden Obelisk used by the Clematis Society

As we approach the height of the growing season there are few more versatile or eye catching plants to grow on a garden arch or structure than a clematis.

By choosing to grow a few varieties you can ensure that you have colour throughout the Spring and Summer and some of the more vigorous types will easily cover a structure in one season.

To get your clematis off to the best start there are a few important things to remember:

Plant about a palm's width below soil level, so that the clematis will shoot from the bottom.

They prefer a lime soil but will grow well in any good garden soil.

As with any plant, soak the root ball well, before planting.

Clematis like their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade.

Agriframes support the British Clematis Society which exists to promote the cultivation, preservation and enjoyment of clematis - with the emphasis on enjoy!

We are delighted that Trial Ground Manager, Keith Shortland selected our Tricorn Obelisk for use at their prestigious ‘Gardens of the Rose’ gardens near St Albans, explaining

“It is a windy NW site on sloping ground with winter temperatures as low as -5 degrees so hardiness is among the virtues demonstrated in the plants. Strong support structures are essential to the clematis and the Agriframes obelisks work beautifully providing stability and height in order for the plants to thrive and produce the best show of flowers”

With installation complete we look forward to seeing the plants in full bloom!

Click here for more information about the British Clematis Society.

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