Easter means Potatoes at Agriframes

Easter means Potatoes here at Agriframes

Easter may be on the early side this year, but tradition dictates that we get our first potato crop planted on Good Friday at Agriframes.

This year we are making real efforts to reduce plastic and single use products in the garden, so Vigoroot potato planters are the obvious choice.

Agriframes' Vigoroot Potato Planter being used for growing Easter Potatoes this year

Made from 100% recycled material, Vigoroot planters can be used for several seasons. When they are beyond their useful life as planters, they can be cut up and used as capillary matting or insulating material.

Although you can grow any variety, first and second earlies work best as they grow quickly and you can get them up and out of the pot by early summer, freeing the pot up for something else.

Half fill the pot with compost (leaving room to add more to cover the emerging shoots) which will be large enough for 3 - 4 tubers.

The soil in the planter will be warmer than in the bed - so keep them well watered - and you should have a crop of tasty baby potatoes within 12 weeks or so - pull only as many as you want for a meal and cook them straight away!

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