The Garden is Revealed - Chatsworth Preview Day

The Agriframes' Garden Pergola at RHS Chatsworth 2017

As all gardeners know, the English weather is one thing that we have to learn to celebrate and work with, no matter what the challenges! Show gardens are no different and Preview Day at the Chatsworth Flower Show dawned more like November than June, but in spite of wind and rain there were some stunning displays and gardens on show.

We were finally able to reveal the Agriframes Garden in all its glory and one of the main talking points was the dramatic structures incorporated into the design.

Growing plants against Agriframes Garden Pergolas at RHS Chatsworth 2017

Fleur Porter of Sanctum Garden Design explains the thinking behind them:

"With Agriframes as our sponsor we were obviously keen to include a centrepiece structure in the garden. Our theme allowed us to do something really imaginative and to use the structure to help lead the visitor through the garden and to visually explain the thinking behind it. Luckily, with their experience in producing bespoke frames Agriframes were able to create something totally different - a pergola that changed shape as you walked through it which fitted the brief perfectly and gave us an exciting centrepiece to work around.

What we wanted to show was how we could take tubular steel and bend it in ways that would be difficult, expensive and impractical with other materials. The pergola changes shape from angular to curved, it becomes asymmetrical and it opens out into the planting to be incorporated into the garden - it is a material with a great deal of potential and the production methods used by Agriframes make it affordable, in much the same way that the artists of the Bauhaus – the theme of our garden - were using new materials and production methods to make furniture in new and affordable ways."

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