We've just launched a brand new Agriframes website which is better than ever before! We hope you like it too - why not tell us what you think on our Facebook or Twitter page? 

The main change, as you may have noticed, is the appearance of the site which is now very clean and easy to navigate. We've also worked hard to make your shopping experience easier as now you can refine garden structure products by height, width, length and range, helping you to find the perfect structure for your garden.

In addition, we've added some new categories and some new products. This leads us on to tell you about the latest products added to our range!

New products have been added to the Garden Living and and Grow at Home categories, including new lanterns and accessories, garden furniture, BBQs, various planters, seed trays and boxes and plenty of products to help you with your fruit pressing and picking.

new products agriframes


So what are you waiting for? Go take a browse through our new Agriframes website now and check out our new products. Don't miss out on the latest news and exclusive members’ offers - make sure you join our mailing list which is available at the bottom right of the homepage.