The History of Agriframes

At the forefront of premium garden design, Agriframes products are classical and timeless. Renowned for crafting the best quality garden structures - built to last for years to come. Agriframes is part of the Tildenet Group - a family run business for generations, and despite rapid expansion in recent years, it's not once compromised the trusting close relationship enjoyed by its loyal customers for decades.

Our Garden Structures; a range of exquisite arches, pergolas, screens, obelisks and gazebos, are designed to suit the most refined styles of an English garden. Quality is never compromised - our designs are strong and durable, made of a hi-tensile steel tubing, galvanized inside and out to resist corrosion. Many of our products are black polymer coated, giving them even more longevity against the weather - these come with a 10 year guarantee.

Our Grow at Home range offers everything you need for your kitchen garden - frames and supports for your fruits, currants and vines plus supports for brassicas, peas and beans and other vegetables. The Agriframes fruit cages, have been Britain's best for over 30 years, tested for 100% protection in gardens such as Wisley, Rosemoor and Ryton. Summer family lunches, plates piled high with sweet tasting homegrown food, are now a dream realized with Agriframes and one that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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