Elegance Plant Supports

Our Elegance plant supports are made from solid steel and wirework and come in a range of delicate colours, all designed to coordinate with the arches in the same range to create a complete look.

Elegance Plant Supports

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  1. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-square-screen-joint
    Elegance Screens - Square
    From only £69.00
  2. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-square-screen-main
    Elegance Screens - Square Curved
    From only £79.00
  3. Elegance Screen - Monet
    Elegance Screens - Monet
    From only £89.00
  4. Elegance Screens - Gothic
    Elegance Screens - Gothic
    From only £110.00
  5. Elegance Screens - Round
    Elegance Screens - Round
    From only £106.00
  6. Elegance Plant Stake Rustic Main
    Elegance Single Plant Stakes
    From only £7.00
  7. Elegance Obelisk Black Set of 3 Main
    Elegance Obelisk - Set of 3 - Small/Medium/Large
    From only £80.00
  8. Elegance Obelisk Black Main
    Elegance Obelisk
    From only £27.75
  9. Lock & Link Sage Green Main
    Lock & Link - Sage Green
    From only £4.00
  10. Elegance Plant Supports Sage Green Main
    Elegance Plant Supports
    From only £8.75
  11. Elegance Pea and Bean Hoop Main
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops

    Starting at £26.00

  12. Elegance Runner Bean Frame Raised Beds
    Elegance Runner Bean Frame
    From only £134.00
  13. Elegance Drainpipe Cover Main
    Elegance Drainpipe Cover
    From only £40.00
  14. Elegance Plant Stake Main
    Elegance Plant Stake
    From only £9.00
  15. Elegance Hooped Cloche Main
    Elegance Hooped Cloche
    From only £10.00
  16. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £94.00
  17. Somerset Inverted Obelisk White House
    Elegance Inverted Obelisk
    From only £66.00
  18. Elegance Round Rustic Grow Frames Main
    Elegance Round Rustic Grow Frames
    From only £9.50

Items 1-18 of 23

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