Agriframes Garden Obelisks come in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit any setting and are the quickest way to add height and structure to your garden.

Obelisks placed either side of a pathway make a statement in the garden and they provide support to planting within the borders, helping to create visual interest all year round.


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  1. Elegance Drainpipe Cover Main
    Elegance Drainpipe Cover
    From only £40.00
  2. Classic Obelisk - Matt Black Main
    Classic Obelisk
    From only £96.00
  3. Elegance Obelisk Black Main
    Elegance Obelisk
    From only £36.00
  4. Elegance Obelisk Black Set of 3 Main
    Elegance Obelisk - Set of 3 - Small/Medium/Large
    From only £80.00
  5. heather in a metal basket obelisk
    Basket Obelisk
  6. Somerset King Obelisk Fountain
    Elegance King Obelisk
    From only £104.00
  7. Somerset Queen Obeslisk Full
    Elegance Queen Obelisk
    From only £89.00
  8. Somerset Inverted Obelisk White House
    Elegance Inverted Obelisk
    From only £66.00
  9. elegance tall obelisk
    Somerset Tall Obelisk
  10. metal frame obelisk with sweet peas growing up it
    Tricorn Obelisk
  11. Salisbury Obelisk with Bird Bath
    Salisbury Obelisk
    From only £53.00
  12. Half Obelisk growing plants
    Half Obelisk
  13. metal rose shrub support frame
    Shrub Rose Support

13 Items

per page
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