Plant Frames & Supports

Agriframes are pleased to offer garden frames and supports for every type of plant.

From our ever-popular runner bean towers and grow through frames to our functional cold frames and grow bag supports.

Whether you are looking to prop up a listing herbaceous border plant or a trailing marrow, you are sure to find what you need here.

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  1. Elegance Plant Stake-Sage Green
    Elegance Plant Stake
    From only £8.00
  2. Elegance Plant Supports Rustic Blue
    Elegance Plant Supports
    From only £7.50
  3. Elegance Round Plant Supports Main
    Elegance Round Plant Support
    From only £44.00
  4. Elegance Runner Bean Tower Main
    Elegance Runner Bean Tower
    From only £105.00
  5. Elegance Pea and Pest Fence Lavender
    Elegance Pea & Pest Fence
    From only £39.95
  6. Elegance Pea and Bean Hoop Main
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops

    Starting at £29.00

  7. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84940-RSC-elegance-pean-_-bean-hoops-with-round-finial
    Elegance Pea & Bean Hoops With Round Finial
    From only £64.00
  8. Elegance Runner Bean Frame Raised Beds
    Elegance Runner Bean Frame
    From only £129.00
  9. Elegance Pea Frame - Set of 3
    Elegance Pea Frame
  10. PRODUCTS/AF GROW AT HOME/84950-SGN-elegance-Bell-cloche
    Elegance Bell Cloche
    From only £54.00
  11. Single Plant Stake - Sage Green
    Single Plant Stake
    From only £7.95
  12. Border Hoops Mint
    Border Hoops (Pack of 6)
    From only £28.00
  13. Elegance Hooped Cloche Main
    Elegance Hooped Cloche
    From only £11.00
  14. Strawberry Grow Through
    Strawberry Grow Through
    From only £19.00

14 Items

per page
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