Garden Trellis

Agriframes trellis is the perfect support for growing plants and adds a feature to a plain wall.

These trellis gives height for climbing plants to ramble over for a stunning display when they are in bloom.

Our hand-crafted garden trellis designs include Gothic, Monet and Round styles.

Agriframes trellis are made from durable galvanised steel to ensure long-lasting quality.

Garden Trellis

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  1. Elegance Trellis - Gothic
    Elegance Trellis - Gothic
    From only £123.00
  2. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-screen-round-pink-roses
    Elegance Trellis - Round
    From only £118.00
  3. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-screen-monet-single
    Elegance Trellis - Monet
    From only £99.00
  4. Lattice Trellis against Wall
    Lattice Trellis
    From only £29.00
  5. square trellis pack of 2 matt black
    Square Trellis
  6. black peacock trellis metal
    Peacock Trellis
  7. Georgian Window Trellis Main
    Georgian Window Trellis
  8. Fencing Screens Walls
    Fencing Screens

    Starting at £127.00


8 Items

per page
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