Garden Trellis

Screens and trellis are the perfect support for growing plants to create privacy in an area of your garden or screen off an unsightly view. If you have any of our classic structures you can aquire matching lattice panels for walls and fences for a co-ordinated design. Our classic screens can also give height for climbing plants to ramble over for a stunning display when they are in bloom.

Garden Trellis

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  1. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-screen-monet-single
    Elegance Trellis - Monet
    From only £99.00
  2. media/catalog/product/e/l/elegance-screen-round-pink-roses
    Elegance Trellis - Round
    From only £118.00
  3. Elegance Trellis - Gothic
    Elegance Trellis - Gothic
    From only £83.25
  4. Fencing Screens Walls
    Fencing Screens

    Starting at £127.00

  5. black peacock trellis metal
    Peacock Trellis
  6. Georgian Window Trellis Main
    Georgian Window Trellis
    Out of stock
  7. square trellis pack of 2 matt black
    Square Trellis
    Out of stock
  8. Lattice Trellis against Wall
    Lattice Trellis
    From only £29.00

8 Items

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