RollMix Composter

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A revolution in composting – the RollMix ™ Composter serves an ever increasing consumer trend for household waste separation, offering a practical solution as well as unbeatable value for money.

• Rolling action adds oxygen whilst mixing compost

• Thick PVC fabric traps heat, accelerating the composting process

• Drainage holes stop compost from getting soggy

• Velcro fastened window allows easy access for adding kitchen and garden waste

• Perfect for composting grass cuttings and autumn leaves

• Holds odours in, keeps pests out

• Easy to use anywhere in the garden or back yard

• Comes with instructions on how to use, what to add/what not to add

• Capacity 156ltrs makes approximately 120ltrs

• Can make compost in as little as 6 weeks

Pack Dimensions: W57cm H57cm D6cm

Regular Price: £21.99

Now: £17.59


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