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Our colourful Snip Its are essentially mini secateurs with smooth pinching action allowing you to reach carefully into the centre of plants without causing damage. Stored in a safe protective sleeve for easy use around the garden and home.

  • Perfect for maintaining indoor herbs and plants. 
  • For bedding plants, like geraniums and marigolds, simply use your Snip It to cut off the dying flowers. This will encourage new blooms.
  • For plants with lots of flowers, like lavender, trim off the flowers as they lose their colour. This will keep your plant compact and encourage new growth from the sides.
  • For bulbs, such as lilies that start to form seed pods as soon as the flowers begin to fade, Snip It should be used to cut off only the tip of the stalk, leaving the rest of the stem to die down naturally, which allows all the plants efforts to make food for the bulb to bloom next year.

Pastel Yellow


Length - 11cm

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