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Weeds such as dandelions and thistles can quickly spread and become a real nuisance. In large grassy areas, or for organic gardeners, weed killers are not an option. Speed Weed offers a quick, satisfying and efficient way to rid gardeners of the problem.

SpeedWeed will top the weeds with ease with a simple push on the foot bar the cutting scoop will slice through the weed below ground. No need to get on your knees . Most weeds will be instantly killed off and any regrowth will be weakened by mowing or another ruthless round of speed weeding.

Weeding tools that takes out the main root require more precision and effort for the same end result. Roots easily snap, or fragments are left behind resulting in the same proportion of regrowth as speed weeding. So there is little point in the extra effort involved.

  • Designed to be used on large areas with an effortless technique
  • High quality hardwood handle
  • Sharpened Stainless steel cutting scoop and foot bar
  • No digging, pulling, twisting or bending required
  • For lawns, orchards, paddocks, grassy banks and verges

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Regular Price: £29.99

Now: £25.49


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