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Water Saucer

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These cleverly designed water saucers work together with a super-absorbent capillary wick to give you a nifty little self-watering system.

Before planting up a pot, simply thread the capillary wick half way up the pot (if the pot has no drainage holes you will need to cut or drill a small hole in the base of your pot). The other end of the wick will sit in the water-filled saucer enabling the plant to independently draw up water as required. Add liquid feed to the water supply and the plant can self-feed too! Over and under-watering will no longer be a problem as plants will be provided with a consistent water supply. The large capacity of the water saucers will mean that plants can be left to look after themselves for extended periods.

Water saucers are perfect for pairing with Haxnicks Vigoroot™ pots.

  • Simple self-watering system for potted plants
  • Saucer sits under plant pots
  • Water is drawn up to plant roots via super absorbent capillary wick
  • Liquid feed can be added for self-nutrition too
  • Perfect for pairing with 5L Vigoroot pots

D210cm x H10cm

Regular Price: £2.99

Now: £2.54


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