15 Year Guarantee


15 Year Guarantee with all Agriframes Garden Products

 All Agriframes Garden Products are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel tubing

Galvanised Inside and Out

All of our 15 year guaranteed products are manufactured from high quality steel tubing. This tubing is then galvanised using an electrochemical process, once complete this will add a protective zinc coating to the steel. This alone will give it extra longevity and will keep rust at bay. During this process both the outside and inside are galvanised to not only give you added peace of mind but us the confidence our structure has the solid foundations it needs.        

 Agriframes Polymer Coating Process on all Garden Structures

Polymer Coating

After the steel is galvanised the next step in our process is to add a powder coating. We use Interpron architectural powder coatings which are tough and outstandingly resistant to scratching and marking. This gives our products a 10-15 year guarantee (dependant on the product). 

 Agriframes UV Stabilised Coating ensures long durability on all Garden Structures

UV Stabilised Coating

The UV stabilised coating ensures long durability when exposed to the sun, which means the product will not fade in colour over time. 

 Agriframes Moisture Sealed Coating will prevent water penetration on all Garden Structures

Moisture Sealed

The coating will prevent water from penetrating the tubing, keeping your product free from water marks and rust. 



Our polymer coated garden structures are supplied with a 15 year guarantee; available on products in the following categories:







1. These products are guaranteed for 15 years from the date of purchase against faulty materials or workmanship. During this period they will be repaired or, at our option, have parts replaced free of charge provided that:
1.1 - The product is returned to us with evidence of the purchase date in accordance with the claims procedure outlined below;
1.2 - The product has been purchased by the user
1.3 - The product has not been vandalized, misused, maliciously damaged or handled carelessly

2. The above Guarantee only applies to Agriframes garden structures which have been coated with a polymer protective layer and does not apply to
2.1 - Damage caused by fair wear and tear, nor
2.2 - Cosmetic damage such as rust and cracking.

3. Claims Procedure: any claim made under this Guarantee should be made to: Agriframes, Journal House, Hartcliffe Way, Bristol, BS3 5RJ. The claim itself should be made in a letter setting out the date and place of purchase and giving a brief explanation of the problem that has led to the claim. This letter should then be sent, together with the product itself and proof of purchase date (preferably a receipt) to the above address.

Please note that it is essential that the letter of claim reaches the above address on the last day of this Guarantee at the latest. Late claims will not be considered.

This Guarantee applies to all goods purchased from an authorised retailer of Agriframes within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Guarantee does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. You have statutory rights in relation to the product. This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. Additional written copies of this Guarantee can be obtained by writing to the above address (given under the heading "Claims procedure"). Please include a stamped addressed envelope for each copy of the guarantee requested.