Beautifully Decorative


A garden arch adds structure, height and focus to your garden that becomes more beautiful each year when used to support climbing plants. Garden arches create a perfect garden entrance, frame a walkway or lead from one area of the garden to another. Our garden arches are designed in the UK and finished with a UV tested polymer coating for durability in a subtle palette of soft signature colours perfect for cottage or kitchen gardens.

Metal Garden Arch

The Agriframes range are exclusively metal garden arches which are both decorative and strong - made from galvanised steel, weatherproof and long lasting. Their solid steel wirework or optional Lattice is perfect to support roses, clematis or any other climbers. 

Garden Arch Ideas

Choose between our traditional or elegance collection to find garden arch ideas that suits your taste. You can also select among different styles such as gothic, Monet or round arches to match your garden current aesthetic. Read our 10 inspirational ways to feature a garden arch for our professional tips and advice.

Style Focus: Modern Garden Arches

Their sleek and strong build allow them them to blend in the garden and integrate with your landscape. Choose a matt black structure for a modern garden arch or add black lattice infills to provide support to most climbing plants or vegetables – perfect to give a stylish and colourful statement to your garden.

Choose an English Garden Arch

Our garden arch designs are inspired by our own gardens, those we visit and by the beautiful landscapes and architecture in and around us in the South West of England.