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Garden Arbours

Originally designed to provide a shaded place to sit, metal garden arbours are popular for their structural interest and the opportunities they give for growing beautiful climbers. Positioned in a quiet corner of your garden, a garden arbour can create a peaceful retreat and the perfect place to relax. The addition of delicate lighting can add another dimension to your garden at night. Our stylish hand-crafted metal garden arbours include round arbours and gothic arbours. All Agriframes garden arbours are designed in the UK from durable galvanised steel, finished with our unique protective coating to ensure long-lasting quality and backed with a 10-year guarantee.


A garden arbour is an ornamental structure that provide shade and privacy. It’s built as an open frame with lattice or intricate structure which can support most climbing plants. It is usually freestanding and has a bench underneath it.

Our garden arbours are sold with their own specific set of instructions that you will find within the packaging. However, we always recommend you start by creating the top section of the arbour and fix the top lattice section. Then you should place the structure at the intended installation location and finally insert the lower uprights and the bottom lattice to finish the installation.

We recommend placing your garden arbour in a sunny and quiet area of your garden, as their domed top structure create some shade. You can also choose to place your garden arbour where there is an interesting view to enjoy.

For a great scent, you can buy climbing roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet peas. They are ideal to feel like on holidays. If you are looking for a colourful and pollinator friendly climbers, we also recommend clematis, passiflora, wisteria, nasturtium, or climbing hydrangea. But if you are after a full structure coverage and fast-growing climber, you can choose grape vine, kiwi vine, English ivy or virginia creeper.

Both are freestanding structures used as an ornament in your garden. They provide shade and create areas to define your space. They can both be used to sit under if you choose to add a bench or a bistro set to have a meal. 
Typically, a wall pergola can be used to connect your home to the garden or as a walkway to connect a kitchen garden to a more formal area. Whereas a garden arbour will be found on its own in a quiet corner of your garden to relax, read or enjoy time on your own.

Our garden arbours are built to be inserted directly in the ground. Depending on the tube specifications of our Classic, Classic Extra or landscape, the recommended install depths will vary from 30 cm to 38 cm deep to provide optimum strength.
Please refer to your product instructions or our detailed product descriptions to find out the exact install depths of your product. Alternatively, you can call our customer service at 0117 9341790 for any questions you might have regarding our products.

Some of our customers have managed to build their arbour within an afternoon in only a few hours, but it can vary from one person to another depending on your experience of building furniture. That's why, we recommend 1 to 2 days if you assemble for just a few hours per day.

Due to the weight of the top section of the arbour, it is advised to have at least 2 to 3 people to lift the top section onto the inserted uprights.