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Crop Cages

Discover our easy-to-assemble crop cages, a lightweight and practical solution to protecting your crops from garden pests. From the beautiful Elegance Crop Cage to our DIY and Mini Crop Cages, we have a variety to suit every garden. Give extra protection to your salad crops, vegetables, strawberries or herbs from bird and pest damage. Our range is easy to self-assemble, and come with a standard 19mm woven netting - ideal to keep birds, butterfly or small pest away. Our crop cages are suitable for all including allotment owners, keen gardeners and the novice grower.

Customers Reviews


Excellent quality. The product arrived timely and looks really good in my flower garden.

Abby Loader
Kent, UK

Very well constructed and simple to install. We expect this product to give many years of sturdy service. We are so pleased with our purchase. Just goes to show, “buy right, buy once”.

John Kramers
North Yorkshire, UK

Service was quick. I ordered during the 20% discount period and it arrived the following day. It arrived in two very flat packages.

Sally Sullivan
Cornwall, UK

We found it straightforward to construct thanks to the clever design and helpful instructions. It looks really stylish and ideal for growing our sweet peas.

Mary Hambleton
Staffordshire, UK

Super high quality wall arch creating a lovely walkway along my brick wall - looks amazing! This Wall arch turned a boring walk into a feature wall.

Laura McCracken
Greater London, UK