6 Plant Support Ideas

Many plants, whether it’s newly planted trees, sweet peas or flopping perennials, benefit some form of support to keep them healthy and looking their best and plant supports can add interest to your garden in their own right as well as keeping your border in order.

Eye catching obelisks, pergolas and arches are some of the more elegant ways to both support your plants - others can be discreet and fade almost invisibly into the background, letting the plants steal the show.


Obelisks are a staple of the cottage garden and a stylish metal obelisk is useful either as a permanent feature with established planting such as a rose or a way to vary your display each year by placing it in a different position and growing annual climbers such as sweet peas - more vigorous climbers could hide the structure you’re trying to display

runner beans Obelisk

Arches and Pergolas

Metal Garden Arches  and Arched Pergolas are more permanent structures, that are as much a feature in their own right as they are plant supports. Traditionally they are celebrated when swathed in scented roses, jasmine or clematis, but you can also train trees, such as apple over the arch, or Wisteria and Laburnum for a stunning display of pendulous blooms. 

For added interest Pot Holders can be added to an arch to create vibrant display when your climber is not in flower - geraniums bring a mediterranean feel in high summer.  

     Clematis Arch

    Metal Border Edging

    If you have beds and borders containing plants that are likely to flop over and get a bit unruly as summer progresses, Metal Border Edging is a good and versatile option. A low boundary of edging will help define you border from your lawn or path and Border Hoops can also be used throughout the bed to offer instant support wherever it's needed. 

    Agriframes garden edging

    Gazebos and Arbours

    Gazebos and Arbours are especially useful for creating an outside seating area - perfect support for large, vigorous climbers like rambling roses and honeysuckle - or you could ring the changes and cover your structure in grape vines.



    Plant Stakes and  Supports

    Metal Plant Stakes are ideal if you’re looking to discretely support plants that tend to flop over, like peonies, poppies and dahlias. They're also ideal for marking positions in your border where bulbs are planted or you would like to add more planting for next season.

    Other Frames and Supports such as Grow Through and Hoops can give discreet help where it's needed - make sure you think ahead and install them just as growth is emerging so that they are hidden as the plants progress.

    Metal Garden Supports


    Metal Garden Trellis can be used in a number of ways to support plants and is ideal for disguising a functional part of your garden or enhancing a boundary. Long lasting and easy to install,  panels can be affixed to walls and fences, or used as an attractive divider in the garden.

    agriframes rose trellis


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