Plant Supports

Plant Supports

Plant supports are often the secret to spectacular borders allowing your planting to flourish as well as adding structural interest throughout the year.

Metal Supports For Plants

Agriframes have carefully designed a range of stylish steel metal plant supports, including circular plant supports, grow through frames, and attractive fluted shapes to suit all sizes and habits of herbaceous, annual, and climbing plants and enhancing your scheme.

Staking Tall Perennials

All of our plant supports can be used in a variety of settings and some are particularly designed with specific plants in mind – our Peony plant support perfectly holds the flamboyant but sometimes heavy flower heads up where you can enjoy them and the Quadrant Support has traditionally been used to help multi-stemmed Dahlias remain tall and proud.

Free Elegance Plant Supports worth £49

Add £100 of Plant Supports to your checkout | 4 Rustic 40cm x 50cm Elegance Plant Supports will be automatically added to your cart Free Of Charge | Offer ends 19 July - for despatch in August.

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Customer Reviews


Brilliant, just what was required for Phlox and Echinacea Keeps them upright/supported and stops dogs trampling plants!

Julie Gardiner
Kent, UK

I love agriframe plant supports, I have several kinds including these low rising ones for hydrangeas. I have a city garden & the rust colored plant supports give structure & add interest to the garden.

Carole Hepker
Kensington, London

These are ideal for plants falling forwards onto other plants in the borders and plants on the edges of paths, love them would like some taller ones for daisies and echinacea.

Nikki Cozens

Tower tall plant support is a good size for my 120cm rose that I'll prune before putting it in place. But it makes a statement and will improve the look of the rose as well.

Eileen McCann
Birmingham, West Midlands

I bought six rustic spiral plant supports. I love the fact that they are made locally to me in Bristol. They are strong and tall enough for most plants.

Gill Porter
Bristol, Somerset


Depending on the type of plants you are growing, you will need to select the best shape and size support for the job. Based on the shape of our metal support and how your plant will bloom, you can easily match them to provide the right support. For example, to support your peonies choose a fluted metal support, or to contain sedum choose our elegance round plant support.

As tall perennial plants grow, they often need supports to stop the weight of the stems from leaning over and breaking. We recommend you use tower tall plant supports or plant stakes to prevent them from drooping.

Browse our selected range of useful tomato plant supports to help you grow and protect your own tomatoes at home.

Simply add your plant support at any stage of your plant growth by inserting our metallic supports 20 cm deep in the ground.

Stick your plant support about 2 to 3 inches away from the plant's stem into the ground – to avoid damaging the roots. Remember to plant your support at an angle to offer additional support to the plant against any strong winds.