Product Information - Elegance Collection

The Elegance Collection
  • The Elegance Range combines attractive and delicate wirework design features with a practical, robust solid steel construction capable of supporting the heaviest climbing plants or crops.

  • The intricate and subtle stylings lend themselves perfectly to traditional kitchen and cottage garden styles.

    elegance arches

  • A selection of colours and coatings including soft pale sage or warm rustic add a gentle contemporary twist.

    elegance colours

  • Install depths vary, but are typically recommended as being 20cm into the ground. Please refer to the instructions provided for specific details.
elegance wirework
Structure Style Upright Tube ⌀ Horizontal Tube ⌀ Install Depth
Traditional - C (Classic) 19mm 16mm 30cm
Traditional - CX (Classic Extra) 25mm 22mm 38cm
Traditional - L (Landscape) 25mm 25mm 38cm
Wirework 20cm