5 Easy Garden Makeover Ideas

Agriframes Elegance Round Arch with Lyra Lights

With a change in the weather for most of us, Spring has certainly sprung and all of a sudden our gardens are in need of some attention.

There are lots of ways to neaten, improve and dress up your outside space that don’t require much time - ring the changes with our five quick and easy garden makeover ideas.

Hide or Disguise With Garden Screens

If there’s an area or aspect of your garden that isn’t going to look great no matter what you do – perhaps wheelie bin storage, compost heap or drainpipe – planted with a cheerful climber Elegance Screens and Drainpipe Covers are a quick and easy way to give an instant facelift.
Agriframes screens

Add Pots and Planters

Colourful pots and planters can really bring your garden to life – placed outside your door filled with scented herbs or planted with bulbs for the first floral show of the year – they can be placed centre stage when looking their best and then moved or replanted to make way for something else as they begin to fade.

Elegance Pot Holders can be places on screens, trellis or structures to give some interest at eye level and create a Mediterranean feel to you terrace. 

Agriframes pots and planters

Sharpen Up The Edges

Nothing pulls the garden together more than cutting and edging your lawn – everything instantly looks more finished. A manicured look can be hard to maintain but installing lawn edging will neaten up your garden now and over the years to come. You can choose something simple – great for a minimalist look – or more a ornate, decorative style to really dress up your garden.

Agriframes border edging

Add A Standalone Feature 

A statement Obelisk, either in the middle of a border or as a standalone feature adds instant impact and draws the eye – plant with sweet peas or roses for glorious scent. Our garden obelisks' subtle colour palette is designed to complement your planting but also act as simple decorative features in their own right - Try using in multiples for real wow factor.

Agriframes Obelisks

Add Drama With Garden Lighting

Most of us tend to think about how our garden looks during the day, but lighting can instantly create a magical evening space, which looks great from inside the house too! If you’re thinking of entertaining outside in the evenings then strings of lights help bring a party atmosphere while adding spotlighting to features in the garden creates instant outdoor drama.

Agriframes Garden Lighting

We hope these few ideas have inspired you to have a garden makeover for the upcoming season. You can find more garden structures which you could add to create a charming set up. 

Also, if you are looking to extend your makeover, we have another blog that you might like on how to plan a stunning kitchen garden - perfect if you are growing your own vegetables at home. 

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