Fruit Cage Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories including additional doors, fixings and joints for renewing or extending your existing fruit cage.


Fruit Cage Accessories

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  1. Base Plates Main
    Base Plate
  2. Agriclips
    Out of stock
  3. Fruit Cage Door Model
    Fruit Cage Door
    From only £54.00
  4. Agrtiframes E - Netting Hooks design detail
    E - Netting Hooks
    From only £9.00
  5. fruit cage steel joint
    Fruit Cage Joints

    Starting at £19.75

  6. Reusable Net Ties
    Reusable Net Ties
    From only £6.00
  7. uprights and crosspoles
    Uprights & Crosspoles

    Starting at £16.00

  8. Steel Ground Hooks Main
    Steel Ground Hooks
    From only £10.00
  9. Agriframes S - Netting Hooks design detail
    S - Netting Hooks
    From only £6.00

9 Items

per page
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