Agriframes Elegance Queen Obelisk


Metal garden obelisks make a statement in any outdoor setting to create a focal point of visual interest all year round. They provide support for all climbing plants and work particularly well placed in pairs to frame a path, entrance or doorway. Garden obelisks from our Elegance Range are constructed from galvanised solid steel wirework with a variety of sizes and signature colour-ways. Traditional Collection obelisks are made from high quality galvanised tubular steel, finished with our unique anti-UV protective coating to ensure long-lasting durability, and backed by our 10 Year Guarantee.

Metal Obelisks To Support Vigorous Climbers

A striking metal obelisk creates height in your borders above any low-level planting, adding an extra dimension to your garden. They lift vigorous annuals such as colourful nasturtium, morning glory or sweet peas above eye level within just a few weeks.

Choose Your Garden Obelisk Design

Our garden obelisk collection features a variety of sizes and styles including wirework obelisks, Round Obelisks, Rose Obelisks, Basket Obelisks, Half Obelisks, Inverted Obelisks and Tricorn Obelisks. Finial designs complete the style of each obelisk and include round, spiral and orb shapes.

Rose Obelisks

Using obelisk to support and feature climbing roses is a staple of any garden. Choose a type of rose that can climb and spread widely to make the most of the structure support for your plant to establish well. A Rose obelisk is a classic English garden’s favourite because of their smell, wide colour range and their ability to flower year after year without heavy maintenance.

Classic Obelisks or Elegance Obelisks

Choose our ever-popular classic obelisks design or elegance obelisk, or choose a set of 3 obelisks to mix and match sizes within your garden. It will create contrast with different heights and shapes to support your favourite climbing plants.